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Jessica has dabbled in the arts, and more specifically, in photography—both film and digital—for years. She grew up surrounded by a large, close-knit extended family. Growing up with such tight family bonds and a strong network of friends has given her the opportunity to study and to appreciate people. Each moment offers an opportunity to capture the intimacies of human interaction, and her photography speaks to honoring and celebrating what makes love, family, and friendship so essential to our lives. Jessica has an eye for design, and over the years has found herself happiest capturing people—in their natural environments and at weddings, family events, births, graduations, bar mitzvahs, corporate events, etc. She’ll hone in on even the smallest detail to ensure every event or assignment is captured in full. She especially loves milestone events because she gets a lot of joy out of seeing people at their happiest times. It’s a constant reminder of how beautiful life is.


Photography is Matthew's passion; the process of capturing images and presenting them in a proper display medium is satisfying enough, but delivering images that clients will treasure for the rest of their lives is truly rewarding. His focus has always been on long exposure nighttime shooting. He loves seeing water, stars and light change over long periods of time and the fact that the camera can see this process in a way our eyes cannot. Matthew takes this landscape experience with him in his portraiture and event coverage. The feel of the scene must be captured, especially for weddings and milestone events. He enjoys providing a documentary style coverage that illuminates the scene around the subjects, while still preserving the focus on the people in front of the lens. His goal is to share what he sees around him with you, hopefully inspiring you in the process.

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